Shanghai Petrochemical's annual output of 12,000 tons of 48K large

 tow carbon fiber project will be put into operation within the year

On January 31, the Shanghai Jinshan District People's Government and Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Petrochemical") signed the "Shanghai Jinshan District People's Government Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Strategic Cooperation Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as " protocol"). According to the Agreement, Jinshan District and Shanghai Petrochemical will strengthen communication and collaboration around nine specific measures in three aspects. In the future, both parties will achieve win-win cooperation in new fibers, new energy, collaborative innovation, industrial collaboration and spatial layout.

It is reported that in terms of the development of the carbon fiber industry, the two parties will strengthen collaborative innovation and industrial collaboration, actively strive to establish the Sinopec National Technology Innovation Center for Carbon Fiber and Composite Materials in Jinshan, support the construction of large scientific facilities for carbon fiber material applications, and accelerate the advancement of advanced materials research at Shanghai Petrochemical. The institute and the New Materials Science and Technology Innovation Park will be planned and constructed, strengthen resource sharing and brand co-building with the Shanghai Carbon Fiber Composite Materials Innovation Research Institute, and optimize the linkage development mechanism between the institutes.

In terms of the development of the hydrogen energy industry, both parties will jointly promote the implementation of Shanghai's mid- and long-term planning for the development of hydrogen energy industry on the spatial layout of Jinshan District, and jointly build a hydrogen source supply and new materials industry base in Jinshan District. Give full play to the advantages of Sinopec's hydrogen energy industry as a pioneer and the by-product hydrogen of Shanghai petrochemical industry, actively integrate into Sinopec's "Oil, Gas, Hydrogen and Electricity Services" comprehensive energy marketing network, and build an integrated wind, photovoltaic, electricity and hydrogen energy supply base in the Jinshan area.

In terms of the development of the chemical producer service industry, both parties will work together to actively seek the support of Sinopec, promote the establishment of incremental projects in the petrochemical industry service industry in Jinshan District, prioritize the transfer of existing projects to Jinshan District, and accelerate the development of chemical industry, new materials, new energy and other fields. Leading enterprises and platforms such as high-end R&D, inspection and testing, and supply chain management will gather together to actively introduce and build authoritative international chemical product trading platforms or sub-platforms in the industry, and create a modern service industry cluster that serves Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta, radiates across the country, and is internationally oriented. .

Ensuring safety, controllability, and green environmental protection are the prerequisites for the development of the chemical industry. In the future, the two parties will also promote joint prevention and control of environmental protection, low-carbon safety, explore the pilot construction of "near-zero" carbon emission parks in Shanghai Petrochemical and Shanghai Carbon Valley Green Bay Industrial Park, continue to improve safety production responsibilities and emergency linkage mechanisms, and further enhance the level of emergency response. Incident emergency response and disaster prevention and mitigation capabilities.

It is reported that in recent years, the cooperation between Jinshan District and Shanghai Petrochemical has been fruitful. Since 2019, Jinshan District and Shanghai Petrochemical have worked together to actively develop the carbon fiber composite industry. In May of the same year, both parties jointly participated in the construction of the Carbon Fiber Composite Materials Innovation Research Institute and actively built a "modern chemical industry ecological chain." At present, the Carbon Fiber Composite Materials Innovation Research Institute has formed more than 50 intellectual property rights of various types, more than 20 incubated and implemented projects, and more than 20 reserve projects. This year, major cooperation projects between the two parties will come to fruition one after another. Among them, Shanghai Petrochemical's "48K large tow carbon fiber" project will be fully completed and put into production, reaching a production capacity of 24,000 tons/year of raw silk and 12,000 tons/year of large tow carbon fiber.

(Source: Shanghai Securities News China Securities Network)

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